2022 Statutory Holiday Schedule of Payroll

by | Jun 2, 2022

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Statutory holidays are the days off that are authorized by law. But it’s important to understand how it works. So stop by Yogi & Associates to receive the help you need to keep up with payroll!
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1. Why Public Holiday is called Statutory Holiday?

There is a public holiday, usually referred to as a statutory holiday, every year. In addition to this, there are ten holidays each year. On these holidays as on other working days, employees gets equal pay. The payroll schedule for the statutory holidays in 2022 is as follows:

2. Three Reasons to Mark Upcoming Public Holidays:

The ideal technique to manage the payroll system is to handle payroll to employees on time. Thus, the rationale behind calendar marking by Canadian firms and payroll specialists is:
  1. To determine the employee holiday pay rate.
  2. To adjust their payroll system in under the latest design if payroll setup has changed.
  3. Should be aware of the dates that will be the employees’ holidays and vacations.

3. Five Basic Laws of Paid Statutory Holidays:

The rules and regulations of the 2022 paid statutory holiday schedule of payroll are:

1. Paid General Holiday:

If a worker has at least 30 days of employment in the year before the holiday, they are eligible for paid time off.

2. Working on Public Holiday:

Employees who do their job on a holiday gets reward at 1.5 times their regular price on a next paid day off.

3. Holiday on Non-Regular Day:

Employees are not compensated if a public holiday falls on a non-regular working day.

4. Absent Before & After Public Holiday:

Your company will not compensate you for a statutory holiday if you miss work the day before or the day after.

5. Part-Time Employees:

The part-timers get paid in accordance with their work hours on statutory holidays.

Statutory Holiday

4. Qualified Workers for Paid Statutory Holiday:

You are suitable for a paid public holiday if:

  • If it’s a typical day, you go to work even on a public holiday.
  • On a holiday, which is not an usual workday, you are at work.

5. Non-Qualified Workers for Paid Statutory Holiday:

An employer is not paid if:

  • You do not work on a public holiday
  • You skip work on your last day of work, first day of work, or a public holiday without telling your employer.

If you want to learn about the payroll process, you can look into one of our articles by clicking What is Payroll? A Guide for Setting Payroll in Canada.

Manage your Payroll and Bookkeeping System:

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The Bottom Line:

On a holiday, we set up a proper payroll system or administer payroll. But, as laws and regulations evolve, it becomes increasingly difficult to account for all situations. So, if you receive help setting up the payroll process, it will become simpler for you. With bookkeeping service and corporate tax management, you can understand this process. Thus, Yoga & Associates is here to help you do this! We can help you with bookkeeping services and get your business off to that much-needed start. Also, our team will help you set up the payroll system according to the eligibility of your employees. So, contact us today so we can make sure to handle all your finances properly and professionally!

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