4 Best Ways to Know About CRSB

by | Jun 4, 2022

If are on sick leave from work, you might be overthinking your financial situation. Like how you can get paid. And how to manage your expenses while you are sick. But you don’t need to overthink. As the Canadian Government has been providing several benefit programs. And Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit (CRSB) is one of these programs. People who cannot work due to an illness might receive financial support through this income support program. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) administers (CRSB).

Yogi & Associates has got all the right information you need to know about CRSB. In this article, we will discuss the four best ways to know about the Canada Recovery benefit program. In case you have any confusion, you can call us anytime. Our accountant in Mississauga will give you guidance about CRSB benefit program.

1. What is Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit (CRSB)

The Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit (CRSB) offers financial assistance to those who are unable to work for at least 50% of the time due to illness or who have a medical condition that increases their risk of developing COVID-19. People in Mississauga who are employed or self-employed can apply for this program.

2. Eligibility Criteria Checklist for CRSB

You must fulfill the requirements established by CRA in order to be eligible for the CRSB program. In addition, you must meet the following requirements for the one-week period you requested:

Condition 1: Sickness

If you have to practice self-isolation for one of the following reasons and are unable to complete at least 50% of your scheduled workweek:

  • You acquired COVID-19-related symptoms or thought you may.
  • Due to COVID-19, it is essential that you isolate yourself.
  • Your preexisting medical condition has increased your chance of contracting COVID-19.
What is CRSB Program

Condition 2: You didn’t apply for any additional benefits

If you did not apply for or receive any of the following benefit programmes, you are qualified for the Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit:

Condition 3: Primary Requirements

  • Your residence is in Canada
  • Your age is at least fifteen.
  • Possess a current Social Insurance Number (SIN)
  • During the 12 months prior to the date you submitted your application, you made at least $5,000 from one of the following three main sources: employment income (total or gross salary), net self-employment income (after deducting expenses), or maternity and parental benefits from Employment Insurance (EI).
  • Your employer didn’t grant you paid time off throughout the same timeframe.

The Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit was available between September 27, 2020 and May 7, 2022.

3. How Much May You Obtain From the CRSB?

You are qualified to receive a payment from CRSB of $500 (before taxes are deducted) for each 1-week period you apply for, up to a maximum of 6 weeks. You receive $450 for each week that you applied, however, the CRA deducts 10% tax from this sum.

$50 [10% tax deducted at source] from $500 [the CRSB gross amount] is $450. [the amount you received per period]

What is CRSB Program

4. How to Apply for Canada Sickness Recovery Benefit?

There are two ways to apply for CRSB:

1. Online

Through your CRA My Account, you can submit an online application for the Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit.CRA can ask you questions about income tax information and registration confirmation. So you should provide the right information about these questions.


The CRSB closed to retroactive applications on July 7, 2022. It means you cannot apply for this benefit now. (We just updated the article)

2. Phone

You can apply for Canada Sickness Recovery Benefit by a phone call at CRA’s number 1-800-959-5525 

The Bottom Line!

In a nutshell, Canada Sickness Recovery Benefit has helped many individuals in Mississauga by giving them financial aid. But this program has been closed by the Government, and now you cannot apply for it. In this article, we updated information about CRSB. However, if you have any questions about the benefit programs, please visit our website at Yogi & Associates. Or book an appointment with our counselor to get the latest benefits program information.

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