2022 Comprehensive Guide on Record of Employment

by | Jun 2, 2022

Did you know you can apply for EI Benefits by submitting an ROE form to the Canada Revenue Agency? If not, then Yogi & Associates are here to fill you everything! Records Of Employment  are vital in getting employment insurance (EI) benefits. But it would be best if you understood how you must complete an ROE and know when to provide one. This article will guide you through the basics of the Record Of Employment as an employer in Canada.
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1. What is a Record Of Employment?

Records of Employment maintain track of employees’ hours worked. For example, how long they have worked and how much their pay is from their previous jobs. The Services of Canada will check if an employee qualifies for EI benefits. Moreover, they will see how much pay an employee should get and for how long.
Point to ponder:
Service Canada ensures that no one can get as well as use EI funds inappropriately.

2. Two Formats of Record Of Employment:

  1. Electronic Record Of Employment.
  2. Paper Record Of Employment.

Electronic ROE:

You can access your Record of Employment online through a Canadian website. A payroll service provider will handle the Secure Automated Transfer (SAT) request on your behalf when you submit the record of Employment form.

Paper ROE:

You can also submit the ROE on paper. The employee receives an original copy, which is kept in the employee’s possession. The CRA gets the carbon copy while, the employer receives the blue copy.

3. Why does an Employee Needs ROE?

Employees who need to collect Employment Insurance will need a Record of Employment. On an employee’s request for ROE, the employer must provide ROE as soon as possible.

4. When Should you Issue ROE to Employees?

You must issue ROE’s when employees lose their EI benefits from when their employment ends. An employee’s interruption of earnings (IOE) happens because of the following reasons:
  • An employee resigned.
  • An employee has been dismissed.
  • An employee receives seven days of unemployment benefits from their company. This is known as The Seven-Day Rule.
  • A worker receives pay that is less than 60% of what he earns weekly. Reasons can be illness, an accident, pregnancy, or another circumstance.

5. Where Should you Send ROE Forms?

Please view the Service Canada website to submit a ROE electronically. They email your form will to you as soon as they prepare it.
If you have issued paper ROE forms, you must give one physical copy to the employee and mailed to Service Canada.

6. What Happens After Submitting ROE Forms?

The CRA assesses a person’s eligibility for Employment Insurance benefits. Then, CRA ensures that no one is abusing EI payments and gives a chance to those who deserve it.

If you want to learn about the EI, you can see our article by clicking The ultimate guide to employment insurance.

7. Deadline for Issuing a Record Of Employment:

Submitting ROE File through Paper:

Depending on how you plan to submit the file, there may be a deadline. Therefore, you must submit your written application within five days of:

  • The first day of your unemployment.
  • The day that the employer learns about the income loss.

Submitting ROE File Electronically:

  • The deadline depends on your pay cycle. For example, if you get paid every week or every month, you will have five business days to submit the ROE.
  • If you are paid monthly or every four weeks, you have five calendar days after your pay cycle to submit the documentation. Once the first day of a pay interruption occurs, it will take up to 15 business days for your payroll to return to normal.

Wrapping it up!

Employees’ incomes are interrupted, particularly when they start and quit a new job. In this case, The CRA receives a Record Of Employment. Contact YOGI & ASSOCIATES to understand when and where to send these forms. 

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