What is Variable Mortgage Rate? An Authentic Guide of 2022:

by | Jun 14, 2022

How does a variable mortgage rate work? There’s a learning curve to financing your home before finalizing your mortgage. However, finding a suitable mortgage is essential in the Mississauga housing market.

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How Does A Variable Rate Mortgage Work?

It is also called ‘an adjustable-rate mortgage’. In a variable-rate mortgage, your interest rate can change with the prime interest rate. Thus, you can reduce the term of your mortgage. As a result, you can spend less each month to pay off your home faster. But, If you choose to make larger payments, those amounts are not tax-deductible.


According to the Bank of Canada, A variable rate mortgage describes the interest rate charged to borrowers. The interest rate is based on changes in the Prime Interest rate.

Types of Variable Mortgages:

  1. Closed Variable Mortgage
  2. Open Variable Mortgage

1. Closed Variable Mortgage

In the closed variable, you can only refinance your mortgage once every 12 months. Yet, there’s no limit to the times you can make extra payments above and beyond what you owe. But it can come with limitations and penalties. Thus, you can earn additional fees of 5% to 30% of the original loan amount in any given year.

2. Open Variable Mortgage

Open variable mortgages allow you to make larger, irregular payments on your mortgage. In other words, You can pay anything upfront or even pay off the entire amount owed at any time without penalty. This flexibility comes at a cost. Open variable mortgage rates are at least 1.50% points higher than closed mortgages. This is because of its flexibility.

Pros and Cons of Variable Rate Mortgage:

Pros Cons

Interest Rates:

The price of variable-rate mortgages depends on the interest rates set by the Bank of Canada. Also, it fluctuates with the market.

Interest Rates:

You should have the means to make higher repayments if interest rates increase.


You don’t have to pay the penalty for breaking your mortgage. But you can switch to another type of mortgage at any time.


There is a lower penalty for breaking a variable-rate mortgage. But, you can be charged a break-up fee if you decide to quit your mortgage contract before the end of its term.


Variable-rate mortgages provide you with more alternatives for repayment. This includes the flexibility to make payments without paying the price. Hence, borrowers with variable income can pay in one lump sum and save money on monthly payments.

Variable-rate mortgage interest rates fluctuate depending on prime lending rates and other factors. So, borrowers need help to forecast cash flow over time. A rise in rates can cause chaos in your cash flow. As a result, this can leave you feeling uneasy. Thus, you may protect yourself against unexpected events and repay your loan faster. In addition, you can use loan features like offset accounts and redraw capabilities.

Additional Information:

We’re predicting that mortgage rates in 2022 Canada will go up further, to a 5% peak in Q4 2022 from 3.2% at present. The monetary policy rate is expected to rise above 4%.

Improve your Bookkeeping Records:

Your bookkeeping records are the key to calculating your mortgage. A sound bookkeeping system is essential for a smooth and accurate financial process. In addition, updating bookkeeping lets, you see how much money you have coming in and going out of your business. So, if you need help, YOU CAN CONTACT US ANYTIME FOR BOOKKEEPING SERVICES!

Is It Beneficial to Take Variable Mortgage Rate?

Variable-rate mortgages are beneficial in the long-term.However, most of the experts say that your personal situation and risk tolerance will make all the difference. So, it is important that you take these factors into consideration before making your decision.

“Our primary objective in every mortgage transaction should be to borrow in a way that reduces debt, improves financial stability, and helps us get debt free in as short a time as possible!” ― Dale Vermillion

Wrapping It Up!

Your mortgage can affect many things in your life. Choosing the best product and rate is essential. But if you choose the right one, you can have a significant impact on how much your monthly payments are. Don’t stress about it! contact Yogi & Associates! We will provide helpful resources and knowledgeable advice. This will help you along the way in choosing the right mortgage product for you.